How to configure a default home position on an HD6022 camera?

Note:  These steps can only be done through a direct/local network connection via Internet Explorer, not through the AvertX Connect cloud service.

1.  After logging into the camera's administrative interface, go the Setup>Camera Setup menu page and turn the Power Up option at the bottom to "Off".   Click Apply.

2.  Go to the Advanced>PTZ menu page and click on the Clear All, and then click on Apply.  Preset 1 (home position) should then say Undefined.

3.  Open the camera's Live video feed on a computer monitor or smart device app to view it.  

4.  On the Advanced>PTZ menu page, use the arrows on the virtual dial pad to position the camera's view to where the Home position will be set. When positioned, click Set.  Then click on Apply.

5.  Important step: After the position is set and applied, make sure to navigate the camera toward a different area with the dial pad arrows, and then click on the Move button to confirm "position 1" is set correctly.

6.  Go back to the Setup>Camera Setup menu page and turn the Power Up option at the bottom to "On".  Click Apply.

7.  Go to the Advanced>Software menu page, and click on the System Reboot at the bottom of the page.

8.  Wait for the camera to reboot, refresh the camera administrative page, and click on Logout.