How to Change Passwords on AvertX Cameras

Most AvertX cameras manufactured after 2020 do not come with default passwords. When adding the camera, the software will assign a secure password to each camera. If you ever need to change that password, follow these directions.

  1. Log into your NVR
  2. Go to Setup menu
  3. Click on the camera you wish to change the password on.
  4. Click the eye next to the password box to reveal the password.
  5. Take note of the password or highlight and copy with CTRL+C.
  6. Click the IP address of the camera in the upper right side.
  7. Log into the camera and click on Advanced
  8. Click on User management. Now this may be in a different spot, depending on the camera model, but all models should have a user management or security option
  9. Click on the admin user and click modify
  10. Enter the new password and click save. You will then be asked to log back into the camera with the new password.
  11. Close the window for the camera and go back to the Camera Menu in the ProConnect software and edit the password.