How do I save a ProConnect NVR video clip to my computer?

One can download ProConnect NVR video clips to a computer when connected to the NVR through a web-browser, via a local network or the AvertX Connect cloud service.   

Export video clips locally or directly to the computer:

  1. Select Search to bring up your playback video.

  2. Select Export on the lower righthand side of the page.

  3. Select your export preferences and settings, then select Export Locally.

  4. The export request will be sent to the NVR and once the data is compiled, the download should start.  Unless you choose a different location, video clips are stored in the default downloads folder selected for browser downloads.

Download video clips to a computer web browser via from the AvertX Connect Videos menu:

  1. After a video clip has been exported to AvertX Connect web service, login to the site
  2. From your dashboard, select Videos:

  3. Select your previously uploaded footage.
  4. Select Download. The video will download to your default browser downloads folder on your computer.