How do I clean my camera dome?

When a dome camera is mounted outside, it can collect dirt and dust, especially in an uncovered installation location. Dirt and dust on the dome will reflect IR light back into the camera lens, severely limiting your camera's night performance. It can be a problem even when daytime video looks good. We recommend cleaning your camera dome a few times a year to optimize day and night picture quality.

The dome of AvertX cameras are made of hardened polycarbonate. It is extremely durable, but can be damaged if cleaned improperly. 

To clean the dome: 

  • To clean dust or loose dirt, use compressed air. 
  • To clean smudges or stuck on dirt, use warm water with a few drops of a mild dish soap and a clean microfiber cloth. 


The following products can damage the dome and cause IR distortion and a reduction in clarity. 

Do not use: 

  • Anti-Bacterial or harsh (extra-strength) detergents
  • Ammonia, alcohol, or other solvents 
  • Paper towels, newspaper, or other rough materials