​Can I use 3rd party cameras on my ProConnect NVR system?

AvertX ProConnect NVRs can support many 3rd party cameras. The following basic guidelines apply:

  • 3rd party cameras must feature the H.264 video compression standard for high-definition digital video. H.264 allows higher-quality pictures using small storage spaces.
  • Other video-compression standards are not be supported on the ProConnect NVR system. Some cameras may support multiple compression rates and need to be configured to use the H.264 compression standard.
  • 3rd party cameras must be ONVIF-conforming. ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) is a global industry standard for IP security products that integrates the use of products from separate vendors to work together. Some cameras may come with ONVIF-compatibility Disabled by default and will need to be Enabled.
  • The AvertX ProConnect may not support "Plug and Play" and proprietary features on 3rd party cameras.
  • 3rd party cameras may need to be manually added to the ProConnect NVR system.