How fast does my Internet connection need to be for remote viewing?

AvertX recommends an NVR site upload bandwidth speed of 5 Mbps for an optimal experience when remotely viewing video over the WAN (Internet).  This will result in a positive user experience when reviewing video from one 4MP high definition or up to 9 standard definition streams.  In instances where less than 5 Mbps is available remote users should plan to utilize standard definition streams for retrieving video over the WAN.
While the AvertX Connect platform is highly configurable to meet exact bandwidth usage requirements the following table may be referenced as a typical use case:

Average bandwidth usage based on D1/4MP, 6,000Kbps, 15 IPS, 15 GOP IP Cameras

Channel Count

Live & Search SD Playback

Live & Search HD playback

Single channel

500 Kbps

5 Mbps

4 channel grid

2 Mbps

Not Applicable

9 channel grid

5 Mbps

Not Applicable

16 channel grid

8 Mbps

Not Applicable

Note: The AvertX Connect platform dynamically chooses HD or SD streams for viewing based on the client display configuration selected by the user. Example: A 4CH view will deliver SD video by default while a single channel view will automatically deliver the HD stream. Stream selection may also be manually controlled using the stream selection control at the top of the applicable display screen.