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AvertX Connect Remote Access and Mobile Apps

With AvertX Connect, you can set up and remotely access your video quickly and easily using your email address

AvertX Paintable Cover

Instantly change the color of your AvertX dome camera with the included paintable snap-on cover.

AvertX Spectrum Vision WDR

Spectrum Vision True WDR (wide dynamic range) will effectively compensate for uneven light conditions caused by shadows, obstructions, back light and inconsistent lighting.

Top 5 FAQs

How do I set up Port Forwarding on my HDIP Recorder?
In order to be able to access your recorder from a remote location through the internet, you will need to configure your router...

How do I set up DDNS?
To access your recorder from outside your local network, the recorder needs a static IP address...

How do I access my HDIP recorder using mobile applications?
Once you have set up your recorder for remote access, you can use your smart phone or tablet to access your recorder...

How do I switch between Basic and Advanced mode?
There are two menu modes, to perform most advanced user setup options you have to switch to Advanced mode...

How do I set up email alerts on my HDIP recorder?
Configuring your recorder to send e-mail alerts will allow you to notify up to three recipients when an alarm event occurs...

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