Should I Use a Bullet or Dome Camera?

AvertX offers two general types of fixed IP cameras: bullet cameras and dome cameras.  Both types are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. However, bullet cameras and dome cameras each have different advantages to consider in the design and installation of your system. For outdoor cameras, use silicone caulk to seal them to provide additional protection against the elements. 

Bullet Cameras

  • It is easy to tell which way a bullet camera is pointed. Use a bullet cameras in locations that you want people to know that a camera is pointed at them.
  • Bullet cameras are easy to mount and aim – no dome to remove for access.
  • Ball joint mounts on bullet cameras allow for easy installation on a wide variety of surfaces including surfaces with angles and uneven surfaces like stucco.
  • Optional mounting accessories for bullet cameras are available from AvertX.

Dome Cameras

  • It is hard to tell which way a dome camera is pointed. Use a dome camera in locations that you don’t want people to know which way the camera is pointed. Dome cameras are popular in retail settings for this reason.
  • Dome cameras are visually appealing and may be painted to match your exterior. Most AvertX dome cameras include paintable covers.
  • Because the mounting hardware and camera lens is enclosed in a high-impact dome, dome cameras are more secure against vandalism. For the same reason, dome cameras require more effort and care to install.
  • Optional mounting accessories for dome cameras are available from AvertX.

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