AvertX Smart Analytics

Increase detection accuracy and the effectiveness of your video security system with AvertX Person and Vehicle Detection. Using the latest machine learning analytic tools, AvertX video analytics accurately identifies persons and vehicles to reduce false alerts. Smart Analytics can be set to send push alerts to your mobile device when a person or vehicle is detected, or you can save time by searching recorded video for only analytic detection events.


Accurately detect people entering your camera's field of view


Accurately detect vehicles entering your camera's field of view

Accurate Notifications

AvertX Smart Analytics makes push notifications much more useful

Fast and Easy Search

Quickly find person and vehicle events in AvertX Event Search

Setting Up and Adjusting Person and Vehicle Detection

AvertX Smart Analytics will provide good results in most installations. If you find that you are getting false alerts, you will need to adjust the settings. This video will walks you through the process of adjusting and optimizing the analytics settings for your location.

Reduce False Alerts

AvertX Person and Vehicle Detection uses machine learning to analyze not only the motion in a scene, but unique shape and movement patterns to identify a person or a vehicle. Standard motion detection can be triggered by shadows, glare, bushes blowing in the wind or insects. PIR sensors can be triggered by thermal changes from the sun, barbeque cookers, heaters or lights. AvertX machine learning algorithms are designed to virtually eliminate false alarm notifications caused by standard motion detection or PIR sensors.

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Smart Alerts

You don’t need to watch your cameras all day, the AvertX Cloud will let you know when something needs your attention! Receive a push notification or email alert when a person or vehicle is detected, when sensors are activated, or when cameras or recorders are offline. Standard motion alerts often generate too many false positives to make push alerts useful. Our accurate analytics-driven alerts will only notify you when an actual person or vehicle is detected. Our powerful alert programming interface enables you to set the hours or days you would like to receive alerts so you only receive alerts when they matter. You can even set the system to send alerts to different people at different times!

ProConnect Interface

Fast and Easy Search and Export

Finding and exporting the video you need on a surveillance system can often be frustrating and time consuming. AvertX has designed ProConnect from the beginning to make it easy to get usable video from your system. Analytic Event search will save you even more time by displaying person and vehicle detection events so you can focus on only the video that needs your attention most. AvertX's exclusive Preview Search will let you find events with a visual difference before and after the event, like theft or vandalism, in a matter of seconds. Once you’ve found a video clip, all it takes is a few clicks to export to your AvertX Connect cloud account for secure storage or easy sharing via email.

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