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AvertX products are designed for users that rely on their video system for security, compliance, or managing their business. Wi-fi cameras and low-cost analog systems work fine if you have limited demands on your camera system, but also have serious limitations.

You need a professional quality system from AvertX built for performance and reliability if:

You need more than a few cameras

Wireless camera systems can have problems when you add cameras because they are sharing the limited bandwidth of your wireless router. AvertX systems use their own private wired network with plenty of bandwidth for 4K Ultra HD (and higher!) video streams. And don't forget the the cost of cloud storage--the more cameras you add, the higher your monthly bill!

You need a recording resolution that exceeds 1080p

Wireless cameras and wired analog camera security systems resolutions generally max out at 1080p (2MP). AvertX camera resolutions go all the way up to 4K (8MP)!

You need 24/7 video recording

Most Wi-Fi cameras only record motion events and take a minute to reset after a motion event, potentially leaving important gaps in coverage. AvertX Configurable Continuous + Motion recording ensures you always have video of an event while maximizing storage.

You are concerned about theft or vandalism to your cameras

Many wireless cameras have light plastic bodies and are attached to their base with magnetic mounts, leaving it vulnerable to anyone who would like to steal or disable your camera. AvertX Cameras are built with strong cast aluminum bodies and use heavy-duty hardware to resist theft and vandalism. Our HD838 and HD848 dome cameras are IK10 rated for vandal-resistance

You need NDAA compliant products

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) restricts the use of certain products from countries that pose a national security risk to the United States in projects receiving funding from the federal government. By choosing AvertX NDAA compliant products, you can feel confident that you are using equipment that meets the highest standards of security and reliability.

You need cameras to function in extreme cold and hot weather conditions

Most outdoor wireless security cameras are rated to function from –4° to 104°F. Many locations in the United States and Canada exceed these temperatures on a regular basis. AvertX Cameras are rated from -22° ~ 140°F for reliable year-round operations in most regions.

You need to identify faces or license plates at distances greater than 10 feet

Most popular wireless cameras record at 720p or 1080p with wide angle lenses. These cameras look great, but will only provide a clear enough image for positive identification at less than 10 feet - sometimes much less!. AvertX Cameras feature 4K resolutions can provide an identifiable image at much greater distances. Read more about the effective distance of AvertX cameras in our DIY Corner.

You have wi-fi reliability issues

Competing network traffic, geography and architecture can affect your wi-fi camera's reliability. AvertX systems use their own private wired network with plenty of bandwidth for 4K Ultra HD video streams.

Your business is in an industry with strict surveillance compliance requirements

AvertX recorders and cameras have professional-level features and flexibility to meet strict surveillance and video retention requirements. The Pro Team can help you navigate industry-specific regulations and design and optimize your system to meet these regulations.

You have limited Internet upload bandwidth

Cloud based wireless cameras require 1.2Mbps per camera of upload speed and can use up to 350gb of upload bandwidth per camera per month for cloud storage. AvertX systems record locally and only use your upload bandwidth when you're viewing remotely.

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