Introducing 2.2!

AvertX is proud to announce a update to our ProConnect software platform! Version 2.2 features many improvements in usability, security and stability.

AvertX is constantly developing our ProConnect platform. Have a suggestion for a feature you would like to see? Let us know! We value your feedback!

Login to your ProConnect recorder to install the update.

All ProConnect Recorders are eligible for this update.

Improved Items in

  • ImprovedFixed an issue that could cause regular stream drops when dual streaming from certain types of cameras using digest authentication.
  • ImprovedDependency updates and security enhancements.
  • Improved: Fixed an issue that could cause PTZ control to stop working after receiving an error from the camera.

Improved Items in

  • Updated: Dependency updates and security enhancements.
  • Updated: Added background cleanup process to free up storage space on the OS drive for non-video files.
  • Improved: Fixed an issue that caused the local admin password reset function errors through local console.
  • Improved: Fixed an issue that caused the storage page UI in setup to not render properly.
  • Improved: Fixed an issue with video exported from camera video feeds set to low frames per second not playing back correctly in VLC and similar video players.
  • Improved: Fixed an issue that could cause image uploads to the cloud to repeatedly fail after a prior image upload had failed.

New and updated items in ProConnect Software Version 2.2:

  • Updated: Updated the camera record and two way audio UI in Setup > Cameras > [Camera Name] > Audio. After enabling audio in the camera*, select:
    1. Disabled – No audio will be recorded, received or transmitted.
    2. Record – Audio will be recorded from camera location or from two way audio when Enable 2-Way Audio is also selected.
    3. Live Only – Audio is enabled for the camera in Live, but will not be recorded for video playback.
    4. Enable 2-Way Audio – Audio can be both received and transmitted for Record or for Live Only.
  • Updated: Security enhancements.
  • Improved: Fixed a missing UI issue in the Recorder UI after a banner message was displayed on first boot.
  • Improved: Fixed an issue that could cause video to freeze in web client search after moving the timeline bar.
  • Improved: Fixed an issue with a render error on one camera causing all cameras to freeze in search playback.
  • Improved: Fixed an issue that could cause large archive exports to fail.
  • Improved: Fixed an issue with some special characters in passwords preventing users to log into the local Console.
  • Improved: Security enhancements and dependency updates.
  • Improved: Fixed an issue that could prevent logs from exporting properly.
  • Improved: Fixed an issue that could impact system stability when bandwidth management was enabled.

 *2-way Audio requires 2-way audio capable camera (HD828 or HD838) with a connected powered microphone and speaker

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