ProConnect Software Version 1.6 Update!

AvertX is proud to announce another major update to our ProConnect software platform! 

AvertX is constantly developing our ProConnect platform. Have a suggestion for a feature you would like to see? Let us know! We value your feedback!

Login to your ProConnect recorder to install the update.

All ProConnect Recorders are eligible for this update.

What's new in version 1.6?

  • General security enhancements
  • Added logging of remote user connections to the system log
  • Added cookie use notification to web client
  • Added the ability to set maximum number of days to store record video
  • Improved system stability
  • Improved multiple camera search in local console
  • Video relay improved
  • Improved performance of video playback in search
  • Improved speed and accuracy of camera discovery
  • Improved Time Bar Search loading time and performance
  • Improved data recording file system
  • Added camera data sync troubleshooting tool in setup
  • Improved motion events display on the timeline bar
  • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements
  • Known Issues: Macros menu lists unsupported Event Classes and Event Types

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