Introducing Alerts!

AvertX is proud to announce another major update to our ProConnect software platform! AvertX ProConnect 1.3 includes our #1 most requested new feature: Email Alerts! Receive an email whenever your cameras detect motion, whenever one of your sensors are triggered, or whenever your recorder or a camera goes offline.

AvertX is constantly developing our ProConnect platform. Have a suggestion for a feature you would like to see? Let us know! We value your feedback!

Login to your ProConnect recorder to install the update.

All ProConnect Recorders are eligible for this update.

What's new in version 1.3?


Receive an email when your cameras detect motion


Receive an email when a door or window sensor is tripped


Receive an email if your cameras or recorders stop working


Enhanced Security on AvertX Connect accounts

New and updated items in ProConnect Software Version 1.3:

  • NEW: Added support for Email Alert Notifications
  • NEW: Alerts for motion events
  • NEW: Sensors and relays alerts
  • NEW: Health alerts for Recorder and Camera issues
  • NEW: 2-step verification for added security when logging into AvertX Connect
  • NEW: Support for French and Spanish
  • NEW: Added 2x playback speed to search
  • NEW: Added View aspect ratio controls
  • NEW: Console can now send autofocus and zoom in and out commands to cameras that have support for this function
  • NEW: Download all button added to the log files page
  • NEW: Added ability to send events to the cloud in Macros
  • NEW: Added ONVIF sensor/relay input integration
  • NEW: Added ability to select a display language to the setup interface
  • NEW: Added the live only option in camera setup for macro event recording
  • NEW: Updated watchdog service and additional processes added for improved system health
  • NEW: Camera connection/disconnection, watchdog events, process startup/shutdown events added to system log
  • NEW: Several graphical and text improvements made throughout the software for consistency across all clients
  • NEW: PTZ and Autofocus is now enabled by default when the cameras is added on supported cameras
  • NEW: Camera discovery now displays the total cameras discovered
  • NEW: Multi-camera edit function added to cameras page
  • NEW: Collect motion event data option added in camera setup to display events on timeline bar when recording in continuous only
  • IMPROVED: Right-clicking on a pane in Search and selecting 'Remove' will now remove panes that are on pages other than the first page
  • IMPROVED: Streams are released when mobile app is force closed
  • IMPROVED: Fixed several issues that could cause the recorder to display stream errors even though live and search is working
  • IMPROVED: Scroll bar in console logs
  • IMPROVED: Console auto sequence sometimes losing connection to cameras has been fixed
  • UPDATED: Seconds now update properly when entered into the calendar control
  • UPDATED: Disabling a camera in the thin client will now cause the corresponding live video pane to be removed
  • UPDATED: On new installs, the recording software will no longer push settings to cameras by default
  • UPDATED: Thumbnail search now has a 16-day option

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