How Many Security Cameras Do I Need?

Below are the most common areas for security camera placement. Count how many you need in each location to determine the total number of cameras you need in your system.


It is good practice when planning a system to leave at least two free channels on your NVR. This will leave room for future expansion by adding more cameras. It will also give you better performance on your NVR, including faster response and more video storage.

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______ Front door

______ Back door

______ First floor windows

______ Windows that do not face the street

______ Garage Door

______ Basement door/side doors

______ Gates

______ Detached garages – cover both the main garage door and any side doors

______ Storage or garden sheds

______ Other outbuildings such as a barn

______ Swimming pools or other play structures

______ Interior rooms with valuables or dangerous items

______ Interior rooms you want to monitor (nursery, playroom, etc)

______ Total



______ Number of entries (front door, back door, side entrance, etc) Placing an interior camera facing people as they enter is often recommended for business who serve the public,

______ Cash Registers and/or POS terminals

______ High target items for theft (safes, electronics, alcohol or tobacco products, sensitive documents, etc)

______ Walkways

______ Parking lots

______ Any exterior structures that house inventory or other valuable items

______ Total

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