HD320 Dome Camera Wall Mount

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Ultimate Placement Flexibility

Wall mounts will allow you to mount a your AvertX dome cameras on a vertical surface, greatly improving flexibility in placement options. Sturdy all metal construction. Includes mounting hardware and gasket.

Will mount to AC-94JB Junction Box for surface mounted outdoor installations using conduit.

This wall mount is only compatible with HD320 Dome Cameras.

AC820WM wall mount compatible with HD820 and HD828 cameras.

M3 sized wall mounts compatible with HD80 and HD300 cameras.

M4 sized wall mounts compatible with HD810 dome cameras.

Please see the return policy on accessories

For outdoor placement use outdoor rated silicone caulk to around the base of the mount where it contacts the wall. Failure to properly seal a mount to the applied surface may cause water intrusion and void camera warranty.



7.4” x 5” x 5” (188 x 126 x 126mm)
0.97lb (0.44kg)
Aluminum alloy
Camera Mounting Screws:
M3 X 8mm Stainless Pan Head Screws