Camera Firmware Download

Supported camera models:

  • HD458 
  • HD848 

It is important to install firmware updates for your camera when updates to ensure the latest security and system protections. You can update firmware on multiple AvertX cameras at one time if you’re on the local network using the Network Camera Manager application. If you need to update cameras remotely, you can access the camera using Camera Link.

To update the Firmware on your camera:

  1. Download the firmware update .zip file.
  2. Connect to the camera in the Cameras menu.
  3. Click Setup on the top menu.
  4. Click Maintenance > Maintenance on the side menu.
  5. Under Software Upgrade, click Browse and navigate to the firmware file saved on your local PC.
  6. Click Upgrade and then click OK to confirm that you want to upgrade the software.
  7. After you see the message “Upgraded Successfully. Please log in.” refresh the browser page.

Reset the Factory Default Settings

  1. Enter the camera credentials to log in.
  2. Click Setup on the top menu.
  3. Click Maintenance Maintenance on the side menu.
  4. Under Config Management, click Default to restore factory default settings and then OK to confirm.

NOTE: The camera password and network settings will remain unchanged. All other camera settings will be reset to factory default settings.


99 mb
January 2023

Supported Camera models:

  • HD458
  • HD848  

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