ProConnect Software Version 1.2 Update

AvertX is proud to announce a major update to our ProConnect software platform.  We have been working hard to bring new features and improved performance to our platform. We have integrated some of the most requested features such as audio recording and hidden cameras as well as completely new innovations such as Event Search and H.264 Smart Codec support. If you have a feature you'd like to see in ProConnect, let us know! We value your feedback!

Log into your ProConnect recorder to download the update.

Requires a ProConnect A800 or A1600 NVR.

What's new in version 1.2?


All new search option available in web browser and mobile


Record, export and share audio recordings with video footage


Integrate external motion or door sensors

Smart Codec

Store up to 50% more video while retaining video quality


Restrict access of certain cameras to specific users


Now available directly in ProConnect camera setup menu


Cycle through your cameras on the local recorder's live display

Live Monitoring
on Boot

Secure 24/7 live monitoring without logging into the recorder

New and updated items in ProConnect Software Version 1.2:

  • NEW: Added Event Search in web client and mobile apps for motion and sensors events
  • NEW: Added support for audio from compatible IP cameras
  • NEW: Added Macro support to allow custom actions based on a schedule or condition
  • NEW: Sensors and relays support in software
  • NEW: Added support for H.264 smart codecs (requires compatible camera)
  • NEW: Camera sequence support added to local NVR view
  • NEW: ProConnect Software version is now listed on the About page
  • NEW: Individual camera streams can now be disabled
  • NEW: Camera image rotation can now be configured in camera setup
  • NEW: IP Camera Link for direct access to advanced camera settings now in web browser setup menu
  • NEW: Check for Updates button added to settings
  • NEW: Cameras live display order may now be sorted in setup
  • NEW: Boot to live added to local NVR
  • NEW: Added Support Tools button to Plug-and-Play tab in the Setup menu
  • IMPROVED: Local monitoring screen grid state is now automatically saved
  • IMPROVED: ProConnect software update file size limit increased to 200mb
  • IMPROVED: Network configuration reworked to improve reliability
  • IMPROVED: Camera link updated to work with a wider variety of cameras
  • IMPROVED: Web client timeline search now skips to the next event when there is a period of no data
  • IMPROVED: Streams may now be pulled from any stream a camera supports (rather than just the first 3)
  • IMPROVED: Reliability with exports over 1 hour long
  • UPDATED: Resolved issue where the timeline or calendar in search could show events that no longer exist on the recorder
  • UPDATED: Resolved issue where busy spinner in setup would spin forever
  • UPDATED: Resolved issue where HTTPS connections could fail over time
  • UPDATED: NVR no longer needs to be restarted after changing the admin password
  • UPDATED: Resolved several issues that could cause NVR to crash
  • UPDATED: Recorder name is now properly updated when changed in the cloud
  • UPDATED: Local NVR live view recovers better after momentary camera disconnects
  • UPDATED: Improved tooltip formatting to make text easier to read
  • UPDATED: Resolved issues with cameras that support variable GOP sizes
  • UPDATED: Resolved issues that could cause the system to become unresponsive

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