Refurbished 16 Channel HD+ Network Video Recorder with 4TB Storage

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This product is factory refurbished and may have cosmetic blemishes. All refurbished products are tested and certified before sale.

Rules and restrictions may apply. Not valid with any other offers. All sales are final. Limited to stock on hand. Refurbished items include a 12 month warranty. 

Note: This product's maximum recording resolution is 1080p (2MP). Only previous generations of AvertX cameras are Plug and Play with this product. ONVIF Compatible cameras may be configured with proper setup, but limitations may apply. Is not compatible with advanced features of AvertX Connect, such as Cloud Clip Storage and multi-browser compatibility (Requires Internet Explorer). The remote client UI was developed to support 16:9 aspect ratio (on a display monitor). Any other aspect ratio such as 4:9 or 21:9 may cause undesired side effects. Please contact the AvertX Pro Team at 855-228-3789 for more information.


The Professional Difference

AvertX systems use professional grade hardware that is designed for any location where video surveillance would provide peace of mind, including your home, business, or school. The rock solid hardware will provide peak performance and reliable operation for years to come and crystal clear HD IP video. We strive to offer the most secure products available to ensure you have the protection you need. You can count on having clear HD video if an incident occurs. AvertX refurbished products carry a professional warranty of 1 year.


AvertX Connect

With AvertX Connect, you can set up and remotely access your video quickly and easily using your email address. In addition to easy remote setup, if you have more than one AvertX NVR, AvertX Connect allows you to register and view multiple NVRs on your account and allows you to authorize secure remote access of your video using AvertXGo! Apps. For more information, view the video below.

AvertX PRO Team

We have a professional to help you in every step of the process. Need help designing and selecting the right recorder and cameras? Call our PRO Team. Need help with setup? Call our PRO Team. Our PRO Team is here to help for the life of your system! Call us at 855-228-3789


Security As Mobile As You Are!

See that your children are home safe from school, or when a package is delivered to your door. Keep an eye on your business when you’re away, at home or around the world! With free remote viewing apps, you can see your AvertX HD video whenever and wherever you need it. Access live or recorded video anytime, anywhere on Internet Explorer, Apple or Android mobile devices and Mac using free AvertX apps. AvertX Connect makes setup quick and easy!


Pain Free Installation

Installing an AvertX professional security system is so simple, you can do it yourself. AvertX IP cameras transmit both power and video along the same network cable, which means you only need to connect one cable to each camera. Plug in your recorder and connect your cameras; your system will automatically begin detecting motion and recording video. If you run into any problems along the way, call our PRO Team and let them help walk you through the installation process over the phone.

Powerful Surveillance Tools

AvertX recorders offer a variety of tools and advanced set up options so that you get the most from your video system. A few of these features include:

  • Motion-Detection with email alerts – Out of the box, your recorder is set to record video on motion once the AvertX cameras are plugged in. Motion detection can be turned off for specific cameras or you can set the motion sensing area for a specific camera for more precision. Set up the recorder to send email alerts when a motion event occurs to your mobile device or remote desktop. It’s your choice.
  • Search – Locate stored video based on specific criteria. Motion events are highlighted on a daily time line and listed in an event log by camera for quick searches. You can even search specific time periods. It’s your choice.
  • View multiple cameras at the same time - Define the number of cameras to view on one screen. You can select from many options. It’s your choice.

Professional Systems Built To Last

AvertX brings over a century of collective experience in designing and manufacturing surveillance systems for the professional security industry. AvertX cameras and recorders are put through the same stringent tests for durability and reliability as professional equipment to ensure peak performance and extended reliability. AvertX refurbished products are supported by our US-based PRO Team and backed by a one-year warranty.


Professional Grade Storage Drives

AvertX utilizes surveillance-class drives that are designed to provide a long and error-free lifespan while recording and playing video. These professional grade hard drives are designed specifically for 24/7, always on, high definition surveillance security systems. We use only the best components to safeguard your video. Please refer to storage guidelines below for more details on the storage capacity of an AvertX system. For questions about storage options, please call the AvertX Pro Team.

Single Cable Installation

Single Cable Installation

The cameras in the HDIP system use the same cable for both power and video. Power over Ethernet (PoE) transmits power and video over a single cable. With only one cable to connect, installation is simple and easy.

Mobile Apps

FREE Mobile Apps

Keep watch over the things that matter to you most from anywhere at any time with AvertX Go! Use the app to easily connect, view live video, and search recorded video. Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.



Operating System:
Embedded Linux
Display Resolution:
1024 x 768; 1280 x 1024; 720p; 1080p
Total System Recording Rate:
480fps @ 1080p, 720p
Total System Bitrate:
Total Number of IP Channels:
Alarm Sensor Inputs:
Relay Outputs:
Video Signal Loss Detection:
Image Compression:
IP Recording Resolutions:
Up to 1080p
Motion Detection:
Camera based; dependent on camera capabilities
Supported IP Cameras:
AvertX and other ONVIF-compliant cameras
PoE Network Ports:
PoE Specification:
IEEE 802.3at (High PoE)
Output Voltage:
42vDC Per PoE Port
Max Power Per PoE Port:
Total Max PoE Power Out:
Remote Operation:
Setup, Search, Live, PTZ (Setup and Search are not available on Apple products)
Remote Software:
Windows (Internet Explorer required), Mac; Android or Apple mobile devices
PTZ Control:
IP PTZ only
Recording Mode:
Continuous, Motion, Sensor
Playback Search:
Date/Time, Event Search
USB Device
Dynamic DNS:
Free DDNS account
Storage Size:
2TB ~ 8TB Internal HDD Available
W: 17.25" (428 mm) x H: 3.75" (95.25 mm) x D: 9.625" (244.475 mm)
1 Years