HD448 4K IR Indoor/Outdoor Mini IP Bullet Camera with Smart Analytics

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The Professional Difference

AvertX recorders and cameras use professional grade hardware put through the same stringent tests for durability and reliability as professional equipment to ensure optimal performance and extended reliability. AvertX cameras use the latest features from the professional market to make sure you get clear video with minimal downtime.

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4K (8MP)
Ultra HD Resolution

Enlarge your image and see critical details at greater distances

Person and
Vehicle Detection

Machine Learning accurately detect persons and vehicles


Records directly to an internal microSD card for redundancy

Night Vision

Adaptive IR LED technology for maximum visibility at night


Reliable performance indoors or outdoors in all weather

True Wide
Dynamic Range

Improved video in uneven light caused by backlight or shadows


Store up to 50% more video than before while retaining quality

Single Cable

Power Over Ethernet means no external power supply

AvertX Smart Analytics

Increase detection accuracy and the effectiveness of your video security system with AvertX Person and Vehicle Detection. Using the latest machine learning analytic tools, AvertX video analytics accurately identifies persons and vehicles to reduce false alerts. Smart Analytics can be set to send push alerts to your mobile device when a person or vehicle is detected, or you can save time by searching recorded video for only analytic detection events.

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Smart Analytics

Reduce False Alerts With Person And Vehicle Detection

AvertX Person and Vehicle Detection uses machine learning to analyze not only the motion in a scene, but unique shape and movement patterns to identify a person or a vehicle. Standard motion detection can be triggered by shadows, glare, bushes blowing in the wind or insects. PIR sensors can be triggered by thermal changes from the sun, barbeque cookers, heaters or lights. AvertX machine learning algorithms are designed to virtually eliminate false alarm notifications caused by standard motion detection or PIR sensors.

HD820 IR

Superior Nighttime Performance

AvertX Cameras use the latest high intensity IR LED technologies for maximum visibility at night. Adaptive IR technology adjusts illumination levels as an object approaches to keep objects close to the camera from being overexposed and washed out.

*IR range and image quality can be affected by surfaces that absorb or reflect the IR light differently when in total darkness. Camera location or position may need to be adjusted to optimize the images. Some ambient lighting provides the best results for night surveillance.

The Power of Megapixels

Higher resolution gives you the ability to enlarge an image and see critical details at a greater distance than before. Analog systems typically provide top resolution of 960x480 pixels, significantly smaller than the image provided by 4K  Ultra HD megapixel cameras. 1080p high definition is 1920x1080 pixels, similar to a 1080p HD television. AvertX 4K (8 megapixel) cameras capture video at 3840 × 2160 pixels. That’s four times the number of pixels of 1080p!

Smart Compression

Advanced Smart Compression

Maximize your bandwidth and NVR's storage with our H.264 Enhanced Codec. Using the H.264 Smart Codec, high quality video uses less bits of data. Less bits of data means you can store up to 50% more video than before on your NVR and use less bandwidth when viewing your video remotely. It's like being able to fit more of Grandma's cookies in your old cookie jar!

Extreme Cold

Extreme Cold

The HD448 Mini Bullet Camera will operate in extreme cold temperatures down to -22°. The cold can cause other cameras to stop recording but you can expect reliable operation through the winter or in other extreme environments such as cold storage freezers and refrigerators

True WDR

True WDR (wide dynamic range) compensates for uneven light conditions caused by shadows, sun glare, back light and inconsistent lighting. Cameras with Digital WDR will show some improvement for these conditions but do not achieve optimum results. AvertX cameras with True WDR use multiple exposure technology that includes hardware and digital image processing. The result is superior video quality.

HD448 Pain Free Installation

Pain Free Installation

AvertX has designed its system with integral features to simplify installation. An integrated PoE switch on the recorder means you only need to run a single cable your cameras. At startup, the ProConnect NVR recognizes your cameras and starts recording. The key to a successful installation is planning. Please visit our DIY Corner for resources to choose the appropriate system for your home or business and tips and tricks for installing and getting the most out of your system. If you have any questions about your installation, call the AvertX PRO Team!

Camera includes 100’ CAT5e Ethernet cable for camera connections

Your Video Safe And Secure

The HD448 bullet camera features a microSD card slot as an added layer of redundancy and backup. Once you add a microSD card, the camera will record directly to the internal storage on the card, making sure you always have video. If your recorder is stolen or fails, you can pull video directly from the camera’s microSD card and never miss an important event!

* microSD card not included. See camera specifications for maximum storage card capacity and storage drive information.

AvertX Weather Resistant Cameras

Privacy Masks

Create a privacy mask on your AvertX camera to block recording and viewing of a designated area within the field of view of the camera. This feature allows you to block sensitive areas to protect privacy while still recording what is happening around it. A privacy mask gives you greater flexibility to place your cameras where they capture what you want, while maintaining the privacy or confidentiality of assets, secure entry devices, documents, windows or areas where privacy is important.


All Weather Construction

AvertX cameras feature an IP66 rated housing construction to withstand tough weather conditions for outdoor installation. To provide even greater protection from the weather, this camera is equipped with an IP66 rated threaded connector and a matching IP66 connector on the included 100 foot Ethernet camera cable. This makes a water tight outdoor connection even when a protected connection is not possible.



4K/8MP (3840 × 2160)
Number of Video Streams:
2 (Primary high resolution stream for single camera view, secondary low resolution stream for multiple camera view)
Frames Per Second:
20 fps @ 8MP (3840 × 2160)
Wide Dynamic Range:
True WDR, 120db
Focal Length:
2.8 mm Fixed
Image Sensor:
1/2” CMOS
Field of View:
Lens Adjustment:
3-Axis Ball Joint
Iris Control:
F2.0 Fixed
Backlight Compensation:
Auto Gain Control:
Minimum Illumination @ 30IRE:
0.01 Lux (Color); 0.0 Lux (IR LED)
Day / Night:
True Day / Night with IR Cut Filter
Max IR Range:
Up to 100 feet (30m) from camera
Optimal IR Range:
Up to 60 feet (18m) from camera
Effective Range @ 60 / 40 / 20 PPF 1:
26' / 40' / 80'

Auto White Balance Range:
2700K ~ 8000K
Privacy Masking:
H.264 Enhanced Codec
MicroSD Backup Slot:
Yes, up to 512GB capacity
IP Rating:
Tamper/Vandal Resistant:
Hardened Aluminum Chassis
Power Consumption:
7.5 W (Max)
Operating Temperature:
-22° ~ 140°F (-30° ~ 60°C)
Cold Start Temperature:
6.7” L × 2.7” W × 2.7”H
(171 × 71 × 71 mm))
1.1 lbs (500 g)
Item Includes:
100' Cat5e camera cable, Mounting hardware, Waterproof Camera Connector
Optional Mounts:
Junction Box
Notes: 1:
For more information about effective range and PPF, see our DIY Guide How Far Can I See with My Cameras?

Documents and Downloads

 Quick Start Guide     User Manual    Product Specifications     Download Mounting Template    Download Mounting Template



This camera is intended for Plug-n-Play use with AvertX’s current generation of ProConnect brand recorders. Use with other manufacturer’s recorders, and prior generation AvertX recorders, is not recommended without first contacting AvertX Pro Team Support. Additional advanced configuration and limitations such as continuous recording only may apply. See FAQs for steps.