How to Factory Default or Re-image System Software on a ProConnect Recorder With a USB Drive (Apple _ Macintosh)

Tools needed:


  1. Download and UNetbootin on your Mac.
  2. Download the latest AvertX ProConnect software image from this FAQ.
  3. Once the image is done downloading, open the UNetbootin DMG download file.
  4. Install the utility.
  5. If the system says that it can’t be opened/downloaded due to security concerns, follow the below steps:
  6. Click on the Apple on the upper left corner of Finder, then click on System Preferences.
  7. In System Preferences, you will then need to click on the Security and Privacy icon
  8. In the General Tab, click on the lock icon on the lower left to make changes, input in the main account username/password (the username should most likely be autofilled). Change the “Allow apps downloaded from:” option to Anywhere. Close the window, that autosaves the option.
  9. Insert the USB drive into the Mac computer.
  10. Open Disk Utility and format the thumb drive as FAT32
    1. Click on the Spotlight (search) box on the upper right or in a Finder window.
    2. Type in Disk Utility
    3. Click on the Disk Utility icon
    4. Select the physical thumb drive icon on the left side, don’t choose a partition underneath the thumb drive
    5. Once the proper thumb drive is selected, click Erase at the top middle of the Disk Utility
    6. Make sure format is set to MS-DOS (FAT)
    7. Scheme should be Master Boot Record.
    8. Click Erase
    9. The thumb drive is now prepped for the image
  11. Now open the UNetbootin utility
  12. Choose Diskimage radio button on the bottom left of the window.
  13. Click the 3 dots on the right to bring up the Finder so you can select the image file
  14. Use the Finder window to select the proper ISO file for the AvertX ProConnect Software image
  15. Confirm and confirm again that the proper USB thumb drive is selected below the Diskimage option section
  16. Now click the OK button and then UNetbootin should extract and then copy the files to the thumb drive.
  17. When finished, you should now have a thumb drive that is bootable to ProConnect that was created on a Macintosh.
  18. Insert the USB recovery flash drive into a USB 3.0 (blue) port on the NVR unit.
  19. At the start of the NVR reboot, press the F12 button on the keyboard to load the boot menu and select UEFI USB recovery flash drive and hit enter.
  20. The recovery wizard for ProConnect will load.
  21. Select Factory Reset
  22. Accept License Agreement. You will need to type your recorder's serial number, located on the side of your unit. NOTE: The serial number must be entered in all UPPERCASE characters to be accepted.
  23. After it done upgrading, click Finish and wait for it to reboot before pulling out the USB drive.
  24. When complete, consult the Quick Start Guide for your Recorder for instructions on initial system setup and registering the recorder with AvertX Connect Cloud service. 


UNetbootin cannot perform the format of the thumb drive. If you don’t format it, it will just copy everything to the existing thumb drive without deleting anything. That is why you should prep the thumb drive using Disk Utility.