How to configure external switch for router-supplied DHCP

Note: Please use this FAQ to configure the HD320, HD420, HD820, and HD920 cameras through an EXT-switch. For ONVIF and other AvertX cameras, please use the FAQ titled, How do I add an ONVIF camera to the ProConnect NVR. 

You will need administrative access to a network router that has DHCP enabled, a separate PoE switch, and at least three additional Cat-5 network cables.

  1. Power on the NVR, Router, & PoE switch
  2. Plug a network cable into the EXT switch port on the back of the NVR unit; plug the other end of the same cable into the router
  3. Plug a network cable into the router, plug the other end into the PoE switch
  4. Plug a camera into the PoE switch
  5. The camera should automatically get an IP address from the Router
  6. In a few minutes, the camera should be visible in the Cameras menu of the NVR