How do I add/update a phone number to my AvertX Connect account for 2-Step Authentication

How to add a phone number to your AvertX connect account

  1. Navigate to and sign in with your email and password.
  2. Click on your name in the upper right corner and select Account settings
  3. Under account setting, enable 2 step authentication and click save.
  4. Enter the phone number you wish to add and click verify mobile number.
  5. You will then be sent a code to enter and your number will then be added to your user profile.
  6. You can turn off 2-Step authentication once the number is added, if you choose.
  7. How to update your phone number for push notifications or 2-step Authentication
  8. Log into
  9. Click on your name in the upper right corner and go to User Profile
  10. Click the Edit phone number option
  11. Enter the mobile number you wish to change it to and click send verification code
  12. You will then be prompted to enter the code sent to that number