Enabling Mobile App Notifications on AvertX Connect

Once an alert macro is set up and in use on the ProConnect, all that will be necessary to receive mobile notifications is to install and log in to the AvertX Connect mobile app, and enable app notifications in your user settings. 

  1. Log into AvertX Connect and click on Manage Users on the top of the page. 
  2. Click on the gear icon next to the user you want to set up with mobile notifications. 
  3. Check the boxes next to "Receive by Push Notification" in each notification type you want this user to receive. 

Once saved, this user should now begin receiving the designated alert notifications as long as they're logged into their account on the AvertX Connect mobile app. 

Note: If these are enabled but the user is not receiving notifications from the app, their device may not be allowing notifications for the AvertX Connect app. This can be changed in the device's Notification settings. 

To enable notifications on iPhone, enter Settings and then Notifications. In the Notifications menu you can select the AvertX Connect app from the list and enable push notifications. 

To enable notifications on Android, enter Settings, then Apps & Notifications, and then Notifications. Select the AvertX Connect app in this list and allow notifications.