ProConnect 16 Channel HD+ Network Video Recorder

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The Professional Difference

Experience the Professional difference with the AvertX ProConnect Video Security Platform. Take advantage of exciting new features like video export to the cloud and a dedicated Apple TV app to access and share video like never before. AvertX is constantly developing our ProConnect software, so you can enjoy new features and improvements for years to come. AvertX products are supported by our US‐based PRO Team and backed by a standard two‐year warranty.

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Startup wizard makes networking a breeze


Attractive and intuitive user experience in all major browsers

Pro Team

Free support for the life of your system! Need help? Call the Pro Team!


Compatible with ONVIF compliant cameras from other manufacturers


Powerful processor records UHD video from 4K cameras

Hard Drives

Surveillance-rated hard drive for long life and dependability


Military-grade encryption to keep your data safe and secure

PoE Switch

Integrated PoE switch, eliminating the need for an external switch.

Future Proof

Future Proof Your Investment

The AvertX Cloud enables you to easily update your ProConnect system software with a user experience similar to the way your smartphone updates. The Intel-based open architecture of the ProConnect NVR ensures long-term upgradeability. This ensures you benefit from exciting new features and functionality whenever new software is released for years to come.


Automated Networking and Cyber Secure

ProConnect recorders automatically establish a secure outbound connection with AvertX Connect when you register them to your account. This is all it takes to get your recorder online and available for remote viewing of video. All metadata transmitted over the Internet is secured using military-grade encryption. Data saved to AvertX Connect has redundant encrypted backups to ensure security and reliability.

The Power of the Cloud

AvertX Connect Cloud Connectivity brings your security system into the 21st century. Access live and saved video, manage or configure ProConnect recorders in the cloud with a user experience as easy as watching a movie online. Use the same email address and password to log in to the AvertX cloud, mobile apps, Apple TV viewer, and even the local NVR. Save and share video clips securely to the cloud. Easily connect to NVRs at multiple locations with the same account. Online user management allows you to instantly share access to live and recorded video with family, employees, or law enforcement.

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Apple TV

Apple TV Support for Home Viewing

The AvertX ProConnect Apple TV app allows you to display live video from your ProConnect recorder from the comfort of your living room or anywhere you have an Apple TV. Securely install your recorder anywhere in your home or business and easily view live video on any TV without the hassle or complexity of running an HDMI cable from your recorder.

*Requires 4th Generation Apple TV 
ProConnect Interface

Modern User Interface

Designed to provide unprecedented secure, mobile access to your video, AvertX software is developed in the USA for hassle‐free operation and absolute reliability. Full operation is available on any major web browser on Windows and Mac computers, including Chrome and Safari. All new search and export tools allow you to find and export events in minutes. Setup screens are consolidated to make changing settings fast and frustration free!

Simple and Intuitive Software Developed in the USA

Most of today's video surveillance devices run complicated software designed and developed by overseas Original Equipment Manufacturers. The result is an overly complicated and frustrating user experience. AvertX ProConnect software is developed in the USA for hassle free operation and the ultimate user experience. If your priorities are reliability, cyber security, and ease of use please call the AvertX Pro team for a live product demonstration.

AvertX Pro Team

Five-Star AvertX PRO Team Support

We have a professional to help you with every step of the process. Want to understand the AvertX Cloud difference? Call our PRO Team. Need help designing a system and selecting the right cameras? Call our PRO Team. Need help with setup? Call our PRO Team. Selecting and installing a system can be intimidating. Our PRO Team is here to help for the life of your system! Call us at 855-228-3789 with any questions or for a live product demo!


Pain Free Installation

AvertX has designed its system with integral features to simplify installation. An integrated PoE switch means you only need to run single cable your cameras. At startup, the ProConnect NVR recognizes your cameras and starts recording. The key to a successful installation is planning. Please visit our DIY Corner for resources to choose the appropriate system for your home or business and tips and tricks for installing and getting the most out of your system. If you have any questions about your installation, call the AvertX PRO Team!


Operating System:
Embedded Linux
Local Display Resolution:
Auto-detect HDMI, up to 1080p
Total Number of IP Channels:
Alarm Sensor Inputs:
4 (Software support coming soon)
Relay Outputs:
2 (Software support coming soon)
Image Compression:
Recording/Playback Resolutions and Rates:
2MP (1080p) HD resolution @ 30 images per second on all channels; 4MP HD+ resolution @ 15 images per second on all channels; 4K UHD resolution @ 5 images per second on all channels
Motion Detection:
AvertX Cameras, Adjustable Thresholds and Motion Fields Configurable
Supported IP Cameras:
AvertX and ONVIF Profile S Cameras
PoE Network Ports:
Cloud Video Access:
Yes, viewing and sharing with AvertX Connect
Remote Device Apps:
Free AvertX apps for Apple TV iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones and Tablets
Remote Access Browser Support:
Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge and IE on Windows and Mac OSX
Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Control:
AvertX PTZ cameras and compliant IP PTZs
Recording Mode:
Continuous + Motion, Continuous, Motion
Playback Search:
Preview Search, Date/Time, Event Search
Remote Device Connection:
AvertX Connect
Local/remote user management, Encrypted passwords, uPnP disabled
Digital Signature Support:
Digital Watermark
Internal Storage:
Up to 12TB with factory upgrade
External USB Hard Drive:
Backup only; not supported for video recording
Rack Mountable:
Yes, 1U Bracket included
Operating Temperature:
32°F - 104°F (0°C - 40°C)
Operating Relative Humidity:
10% - 90% Non-condensing
17.25" W x 13.5" L x 1.75" H
(438mm x 343mm x 44.5mm)
2 year
Free AvertX Pro Team Support for Life
Operating Fan Noise:
Approx. 45 db @ 6ft (equivalent to overhead ceiling fan)
* System default set at 15 ips to optimize storage retention