How do I manually configure an external switch?

Note: Please use this FAQ to configure the HD320, HD420, HD820, and HD920 cameras through an EXT-switch. For ONVIF and other AvertX cameras, please use the FAQ titled, How do I add an ONVIF camera to the ProConnect NVR. It’s highly recommended to have a Windows-based computer and at least 3 Cat-5 network cables.

  1. Please plug the first network cable into the EXT-Switch port on the back of the NVR (directly below the Internet port)
  2. Plug the other end of the previously mentioned cable into the PoE switch.
  3. Physically at the NVR, click on the Setup icon the on the top left hand corner of the main screen
  4. Click on the Networking menu on the right hand side of the screen
  5. Click on the Adapters tab
  6. Select the EXT-switch in the menu
  7. Change from DHCP to Static IP.
    1. Set the IP as:            
    2. Set the netmask as:
    3. Set the Gateway as:
    4. Set DNS1 as:             
    5. Set DNS2 as:             
  8. Click Apply and Save.  Please wait if there is a delay while the NVR system is configuring the port.
    • From the Computer, plug a network line from the computer into an empty port on the NVRs embedded switch (camera port).  Suggest using camera port 16, if available.
  9. Configure a manual IP address onto the network card
    1. Windows: Go to the Control Panel.
    2. Click on networking.
    3. Select change adapter settings on the left side.
    4. Right click on the network adapter select properties.
    5. Click on the Internet protocol version 4 and click on properties.
    6. Click on Use the following IP address:
      1. IP:
      2. Subnet:
      3. Gateway:
      4. DNS 1:
      5. DNS 2:
    7. Please remember to return to the section when finished in order to re-enable DHCP on the computer network card. 
  10. Plug cameras into the camera switch built into the NVR
  11. Use the FAQ, How to determine the IP address of cameras connected to a ProConnect NVR, to locate the IP address of the cameras that are going on the EXT-switch
  12. Open the web browser of choice (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or IE)
  13. Connect to the IP address of the camera from step 11
    • Username: admin
    • Password: 1234
  14. Click on the Setup on the top left
  15. Under Common on the top left hand side of the screen, click on the TCP/IP menu item
  16. Under IPv4
    1. DHCP/Static IP select static IP on the drop down
    2. Set the IP address on the camera to:
      1. IPv4 Address: (suggest using 100 up to 120)
      2. Subnet:      
      3. Gateway:    
    3. Unplug the camera and plug it into the PoE Switch.
  17. Return to Step 9 of this FAQ and complete steps A though E to change the camera to obtain an IP address automatically.  Click on Apply. In a few minutes, the camera should be visible in the Cameras menu on the NVR